Tuesday, December 4, 2012


My "ghost fan" Anne texted me last night saying she was going to the pool and I should join her.  She's wiser than me so I agreed.  Alarm went off at 0430 and I used to be really eager to get out of bed and go swimming but today it was tough.  I had to talk myself into it.
Got to the pool and was in the water at 0500.  Water temp was 78.  It was really nice.  There were a lot of people there this morning.  When you swim at a place long enough at the same time, you get to know people well enough.  They all joked when they saw me and called out to me that the water was too cold and it was just right for me.  The water was colder than normal but still too warm for my liking!
Did 500 WU
6 x 50 K
200 heads up breast
500 easy CD

1500 total

This afternoon is the GSL so I'll get some more yards in there.

Met with Gords at the GSL today.  We were getting ready when Jim pulled up.  The 3 of us got in and when we were halfway down the marina, Josh arrived.  The 4 of us were enjoying the swim.
Jim, me, and Gords doing what I normally do in a pic...look like an idiot!
 Water was cold but bearable.  It was 45-46 degrees.  My hands bugged me more than usual today but the rest of me felt fine.  I got out with Gords at 16 min.  I was okay with that.  I plan on doing a good amount of swimming in the cold this weekend.

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