Sunday, December 9, 2012


I was planning on doing 2 cold water swims today but I never got info on the first swim so I was only able to meet in the GSL today.  Anne already wanted to come and I had to talk Kim into it but she agreed.
Met at the marina at 1500 and there were 8 swimmers there including 3 new people.  My friends Kim and Anne were there and another guy I met at the VA hospital that drew my blood a few weeks ago.  I was impressed he was there.  His name is Alan and most people talk about going out but few do.  He actually stuck to his word and wanted to try it.
Safety briefing

The water measured 43 and to add to the fun, it was lightly snowing on us.  After a safety briefing, we all got in.  Sue and Josh went to the far end of the marina but Kim didn't want to venture out that far so she stayed near the ramp.  No problem.  It did take her awhile to get in.  She got up to her thighs and just stood there complaining about how cold she was getting.  It WAS 43!  I "gently" coaxed her into the water telling her that the sooner she gets in and starts moving, the faster she warms up and will be getting out.
Sue is eager to get in.  She truly loves doing this as much as Josh and I do.

Getting in

Anne stayed near us and we chatted a bit to make the 10 min requirement easier.
Anne was handling the cold very least she was faking it really well.  She later told me she was pretty miserable but put on a good face.  Kim reminded me twice that she is only doing this to show her support for me having cancer.  I'll take it!
Anne, me, and Kim

 Alan was at the other end with Sue and Josh and a few others.  He did great.  Everyone hit 10 minutes and Alan, Kim, and Anne all earned a cap!
Getting the lobster look!

It took me next to no time to warm up.  I chatted with some of the swimmers in the parking lot but by the time I had driven out of the Saltair area and was on the highway, I was fine.
I've really been impressed with not only the number of caps we have given out this year, but also the number of people that keep coming back.  We have more repeat swimmers than I ever imagined.  I'm loving the fact that so many people are joining us and enjoying the exhilaration of cold water swimming.  KEEP COMING!!!

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  1. Are you guys going to try for THE Ice Swim? (1 mile in 40F???)