Saturday, September 24, 2011


I wanted to get one last longer swim in before Slam the Dam next week.  Josh Green decided to join me and we met at my house at 1030.  He came into my house to find me running around like mad cleaning.  We are selling our house and the realtor wanted to show our house when we would all be gone.  So I was moving 100 MPH and Josh stepped right into the middle of it.  He's a great friend and immediately picked up a Swiffer and helped me clean.  What a nice guy!
We left before 11 and arrived to a nice sunny Pineview Reservoir waiting for us.  In my rush, I forgot my towel and my sports drinks!  Hooray for idiot Goody!!  Without a word, Josh just handed over his extra Gatorade to me...another amazing move.
We got in and did the dam route then the buoy route then the dam route again.  I was never really able to put it into 5th gear today.  After about 3 miles, my arms started to get pretty heavy.  I stopped Josh soon after and told him to not wait for me.  I wanted to focus on my stroke (After seeing how crappy it is this morning on video) instead of speed.  I was fading anyway so I had to find something good to work on.   I finished the swim a few minutes behind Josh.  I was a little more tired than usual and my forearms were REALLY tight.  Every stroke I felt tight then pain with the follow through.  Unusual.  I'm going to carb load like crazy this week and up my hydration to be ready Sat.  I can't look like a slow wimp in front of my Dad!  hehe
GPS total was 4.5 miles.  Good swim overall.  Just have more to work on.

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