Friday, September 9, 2011


I just read the article about wetsuit vs. non-wetsuit swimming.  Here is my 2 cents!
For triathlons, they are so unbalanced and edge toward the person that has the most money, that I could care less about whether they wear one or not.  I just REALLY don't like how most and yes, MOST triathletes are so mentally married to their wetsuits that they throw a fit if you ever suggest they train or swim without one.  Even going as far as telling/yelling at skin swimmers for being "reckless" with lower water temps.
For long swim events, it should be up to the race directors etc to decide if they are allowed or not.  In my opinion, if they are allowed, there SHOULD be a seperate category.
For marathon swims, I think all true marathon swims that have a historic background all believe in a non-wetsuit tradition.  I 100% agree with this.  Take the time to be ready for it and swim it the way it was INTENDED!  I believe that a wetsuit does give you an advantage physically when swimming by adding buoyancy and warmth.  They mainly give you a MAJOR mental advantage.  It is a security blanket and I'll never be convinced otherwise.  Part of these historic swims that makes them so great is that people had to overcome the mental aspect.  The cliche 10% physical and 90% mental.  This is true and adding a wetsuit cuts down the mental part, thus making the swim in itself, easier!  Every marathon swimmer I've talked to and personally know admits that the "quit demon" comes into play regardless of who you are and how prepared you are.  Negative thoughts or doubt will ALWAYS be a part of a major swim and it just makes finishing a swim that much sweeter when you overcome that mental obstacle.  A wetsuit helps with this obstacle and I am against that.  Face your doubt demons alone.
Last, if someone does go out and crosses EC or Catalina or whatever and does it in a wetsuit.  I'll be very glad to shake your hand, praise your name, and consider you a badass!  BUT I will NEVER be ok with you being on any record book along with people that crossed it without a wetsuit.  Doing it IS an accomplishment regardless but a skin swimmer did it pure and the "rubber" swimmer did not.  I still like calling them "rubbers" and probably will for years to come.  It's 2% insulting and 98% of me acknowledgeing that you have a Linus security blanket with you and I think that if you spent more time working on your temperature tolerance then you'd see there is no point for suits again either. 
I've worn wetsuits before and have done triathlons with wetsuits.  I've been converted after making myself sit in 50 degree water for short periods of time and forcing myself to swim in 60 degree water for a few miles so I can learn to adjust.  THAT is part of training! 
In short...Do the work YOURSELF and not have an item help do it for you!!!

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  1. I KNEW you would have an opinion on this! I added a link to your post on my blog.