Saturday, September 24, 2011


Fun day today.  I met with my buddy Gords at the Ogden Athletic Club.  He has a waterproof camera and I wanted to get some film done of me.  He is good at taking video and he LOVES editing film into cool mini-movies.  He did not disappoint.  He filmed me from every angle you can think of.  He was in the pool, under the water, above the water, walking the deck, attaching it to my head in various angles, and my personal favorite, putting the camera on the lifeguard pole so he can film directly above me like a boom camera!  This one made me laugh when I first saw it.  He was happy to be filming and the video did turn out fantastic.  I was happy with some things I saw and HORRIFIED at other things I saw.  I have some stroke adjustments to do for sure this winter.
I did 100 ladders up to 500 then back down with some other stuff inbetween and at end.  I did 3200 total.
Thank you Gordon for your help.
Side note is that after the swim, we both headed to an lecture by a Weber State University Sociology professor about the lifestyle and opinions of the Great Salt Lake from the people that live close to it. It was very interesting and I liked the lecture.  Good research was done.  I had to leave a bit early because I was falling asleep!

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