Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hit BL on the way home today.  I did the Josh loop in reverse for the first part and I swam around farther than needed.  I basically swam from dock to dock then around the 2nd island.  I went between the islands back to the south dock and followed it back toward the boat ramp.  Once near the boat ramp, I did the actual Josh loop but on the way back, I swung wide again to the south and east docks to add more distance.  I forgot to pack my SSD with me so I did not have a GPS on me.  I"m pretty sure I got over 1.5 miles though considering I did the Josh loop twice which is .7 miles and I swung wide both times.
As usual, it took about just over 1/2 mile to get warmed up.  I feel a severe lack of motivation when I'm swimming lately.  I get up early, drive an hour, and I"m outdoors playing with kids all day in the sun, then all the curriculum and lesson planning I do.  Then a drive for an hour home.  Toward the end of the day, I"m either mentally exhausted which causes me to be tired or the sun has taken the energy out of me.  I am forcing myself to swim but just don't find the joy in it lately.  I need to start swimming in the morning like I did all summer so I can start the day right.  BUT that means going to the pool which I don't want to surrender to yet.............Grrrrrrrr

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  1. How was the water? I haven't been out there for quite a while.

    My motivation has been slipping a little as well. We need to get together for an awesome swim to get up pumped up again!