Saturday, August 6, 2011


Met with Gords today with the hope of getting 5 miles in.  We met at Pineview at 1800 and his son with a kayak.  We took off and even though the lake was very busy with boats, we were able to swim past the "no wake zone" into the middle area of the lake to cross it.  I was feeling good the first mile but as soon as we got to the other side, I started to fade.  My energy just slowly drained out of me.  I know that 95% of it is because of jet lag and little sleep last night.  It did not help make me feel better.  Worse yet, I was holding Gordon up BIG TIME.  He kept switching to backstroke so I could catch up or he would just stop swimming completely and wait for me.  He's normally faster than me anyway but this was ridiculous.  We did not get to do 5 miles mainly because the time slipped away due to my slow butt!  How I performed today puts a 1% doubt in my head about my 10 mile swim next Saturday but I think it's just the travel and time etc etc that got to me.

Distance was 3.43....sorry Gords!

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