Thursday, August 25, 2011


Still not in the groove of things yet with getting up early, driving an hour, being out in the sun all day running around with kids, then driving back another hour THEN needing a swim.  I did swing by Bountiful Lake to see what my normal swim time would be for the Josh loop.  The problem is that my timer and gps are not waterproof so I have to start them, put them in a waterproof container then close SSD bag then inflate it then put goggles on, then get in....time time time.
I was not trying for the record.  I don't have the course memorized by strokes like I do in other places and the islands are kind of camouflaged when you are heading out so I wasn't great on staying as close as I should have.  As expected, my arms were stiff for pretty much the entire swim and I hit the bottom and hand to change directions abruptly a couple of times near the islands.  I did pick it up a bit but nothing too much on the way in.  I finished doing .74 miles in 25:05.  Not bad I suppose.
If I ever take a serious shot at the the loop, I'm going to HAVE to be warmed up and be mentally psyched up for it and properly nutrition-ed and rested.  I"m pretty sure I'd be able to break 20 minutes but doubt I could break the record, so calm down Gords and Josh, it's safe from me I'm sure!  :)
I had to just do this one loop because our swamp cooler wasn't working and my wife and 2 kids were pretty much roasting inside without the cool air.
Another day....


  1. I would actually like to see someone break the record. If you want to go for it, I will come and be your timer so you don't have to mess with getting it our of your SSD.

  2. Thanks Josh, I'll let you know when I'm a bit more prepared. Sounds like a good idea.