Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Went to the GSL after work today and swam the Gridley Straight.  Water felt very warm and it was nice to be in the water again.  I do forget how horribly salty that water is though but after 2 seconds, you ARE reminded.
I did a few speed drills going out and coming back.  It was advised to do 25 strokes normal then 25 strokes hard/fast.  I did these a few times then swam normal for awhile then repeated.  One the way back I did a few 25 normal then 50 hard repeats.  This made my very tired but a good tired.  I got back the buoys in front of the marina and did a few more all out sprints. 
Going back in, there was this HORRIBLE smell near the mouth of the inlet.  I have no idea what it was but it was making me sick and I was holding my breath as long as I could so I wouldn't get sick.  I actually looked around for the rotting shark carcass. :)
One very nice thing is that as I was heading back in, a boat was going out.  This is a RARE occasion to see someone actually leaving the docks at GSL and he spotted me and waved.  He then asked if there were more of me out in the water.  I replied no but was very thankful he asked.  Nice heads up buddy!  Thanks

2 miles today

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  1. I've been noticing the same smell near the marina and also near Black Rock...I try not to think too much about it... :)