Sunday, August 14, 2011


Just a Post Script from yesterday.  I still am a bit down but I've had a few people write to me today and some even called to talk to me.  All your comments meant a lot and something never occurred to me.

The thought of quitting NEVER came to me.  Not once did I ever consider touching my kayak or swimming to the side to stretch or just throwing in the towel.  Even when I thought my legs were going to cramp out I still was considering how I was going to get on my back and do the "monkey, airplane, soldier (elementary backstroke) to the finish.  The mental part of it, besides thinking how slow I am, never got to me and that is a HUGE thing to be happy about.
I'm still in serious consideration about a coach and getting work done on my new stroke but that will sort itself out in the coming weeks.  I have another swim in October for 7-ish miles and I'll focus on that for awhile.  My wife agrees with me that after GSL, I stopped training and only swam.  I need to get back into training again where it's what I think about first thing in the morning and I am constantly focusing on what is next for me.  THAT is where I need to be if I want to get better.

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