Sunday, January 1, 2012

1Jan12 -NEW YEAR

Well a new year is here and I think it's high time I make some resolutions involving swimming.
I'll number them but the number doesn't exactly mean the rank of importance.
1. Get a good base and start using my coach Marcia Cleveland efficiently.  I'm paying her to kick my ass so I better stick with it.  I'm going to do what she says even if I don't like it.  She's a world class swimmer and she knows more than me so I'm going to shut up and listen!
2. NEVER quit a workout early or leave before I'm supposed to.  If I have an injury or time just runs out before I have to be at work or w/e that is one thing.  But if I have the time and I say I'm doing 10,000 then I can't leave at 7000 because I'm "tired" or call it "good enough".  Finish all workouts!!!
3. Swims I want to do this year:
     a. Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon 8 miler.
     b.Deer Creek 10 miler.
     c. Slam the Dam
     d. A long swim in the San Francisco Bay area when the water is no hotter than 58 degrees.  The goal is 8 hours straight but the MINIMUM I will do is 6 and the most will be 10 depending on weather and other factors that can come up.
     e. If the swim gods are good to me this year, CATALINA.  But this is more of a dream than a goal.  I still have many other commitments that come before taking Catalina seriously so we'll have to see.
4. I will be an even better friend to my 3 open water swim buddies.  I will help Josh train for his Bear Lake crossing and will support him in any way I can.  I'll also help Kim get ready for the GSL 8 mile swim and help her take her open water swimming up a level.  Most important, I will help my friend Gordon prepare for the English Channel he's swimming this year.  (Swim gods permitting)  I'll swim with him as much as I can in the GSL and paddle for him when he needs it instead.  This includes not only during the day but being his paddler in the GSL at 2 am so he can get some serious night swims for training in too.  I consider what Gordon is doing to be a MAJOR deal for the Utah open water swimmers and even though I can't come to help after I was invited, I'm going to do every possible thing I can to help him train and succeed.  All of Utah is looking at you pressure!!!  :)
5. I'm going to TRY not to be such a dick to triathletes.  Mainly the "rubbers" as I call them that are married to their wetsuits.  Any and all that want to swim with us I'll welcome and encourage the best I can.  BUT, if they ever try to lecture me about why swimming in sub 60 degree water without a wetsuit is dumb, reckless, or dangerous (like some have done before), they will have pushed my jackass button and I'll jump all over them.  I need to continue to help grow the open water swim community and a positive attitude for all swimmers skin/wetsuit will be shown the best I can.
6. Up the mileage!!!!  Last year I logged 278 miles.  I want to hit 500 or maybe even a lot more.
7. Have fun!  I can't tell you how great it is to be able to enjoy swimming as much as I do with the swimming friends I have.  I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can.

The swims start tomorrow.

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  1. Nice list of goals! Thank you for your support of my Bear Lake swim! Likewise, if there is anything I can do to help you with your training/swims, let me know!