Saturday, January 14, 2012


Forcing yourself to find the gold nuggets while digging in dung!
Drove down to Utah Lake with Gords and Michelle for what we thought was going to be a polar bear swim.  We arrived a bit early and no one was there.  We kept waiting around and asking people that worked at the general store near the boat ramp but they had no idea about it either.  It took us calling a few times and some texts to finally get a reply that the plunge had been cancelled.  We already pretty much knew it but the confirmation still pissed me and Gords off a bit.  IF YOU ARE GOING TO CANCEL AN EVENT, UPDATE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE AND HOME PAGE!!!   Michelle and I kept the humor up to ease the tension.  We met with Josh and we decided to get some pictures anyway.
The 4 of us walked out onto the lake since it was pretty frozen and took some pics.

I noticed cracks forming under my feet so I knew it couldn't be too thick.  I picked up a nearby decent size rock and tossed it at the ice.  It made a good crack so Josh joined in and we took turns trying to bust the ice up.  We did succeed and to our great joy, the water was only a foot deep!  lol
Josh got in first then Michelle.

I asked Gords if he was going to get in and at first he said he didn't feel it was worth it.  (At this point I realized how "unhappy" Gords was).  I started to get undressed and he caved and got ready too.  I got in and I was amazed how comfortable I felt sitting there.  I was barely cold and even felt kind of relaxed after 5 seconds.  I soon got out so Gords could get in.  Once he got in, he seemed happy.
Josh made a video of it.

After the "dip" Gords and I headed to the South Davis Rec Center so he could do his 1 hour postal swim.
I asked him before if he wanted any help from me.  He said he was fine.  I then asked if he would mind if I blew by him every once and awhile.  He said as long as I don't mind him keeping up then we are good.
I did my own workout for a bit.
I did 10 x 50 on the minute.  I hit about :37-38 each 50.  I was happy.
I then did 10 x 100 on the 2 minute and I was hitting 1:17-1:19 each.  I was very happy.
Last one I did I just pulled really hard for 150 and I hit 2:03 which means I averaged :41 per lap.  This made me extremely happy.  I'm not great at speed and haven't done much this year so these times were great for me.
I then started focusing on Gords.  I would time his laps and if he was :42 or under I left him alone.  If he got :43 or more then I'd get right next to him and pace him for 100 or 150.  I'd gradually pick up the pace and his ego would kick in making him go faster.  I'd keep about a 1:20 pace per 100.  I'd then leave him alone for a few minutes before repeating this process.  It worked great.  There were even times when I'd signal for him to hurry up or even yelled at him to go faster.
He wanted to get 4200 and he hit 4350.  I was REALLY excited for him.  Although I'm sure my pacing only helped him a small bit, it felt great knowing I did even a tiny part to help him meet his goal.  Now I'm curious what I can do in an hour!

My total swim today was 2500.

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