Friday, January 27, 2012


New PR for cold water.
I've made what I consider a major breakthrough for my cold water swimming.  The new humongo Tri goggles I have are making the difference on my ability to put my face in the water. 
I arrived yesterday with one of my fellow teachers and friend, Nate.  He just wanted to try it out after I kept telling him how great it was.  He was in good spirits and visibly excited as we set up and I showed him around.
Jim was already there and Gords and Josh were quick to arrive.  I was eager to go so I cut the usual chat time down and started getting undressed.  I was ready to go and once again, I had no hesitation.  Gords was already in the water and I was right after him.  I kept my head out until my breathing stabalized then went to the end of the dock.  I turned around and Nate was still standing there with a clear look of excitement and apprehension.  We all yelled encouragement to him and he soon ran in.  He dove in then got right out.  Good enough!  Congrats Nate.  He loved it.
Nate and I after we're done.
I turned around and wanted to head out farther as opposed to my usual wading at the end of the dock then coming back in.  I put my face in the water and started to actually swim.  My face was uncomfortable but not in severe pain.  I just kept going.  I felt fantastic.  My hands were numb and in pain but my body felt fine.  Only my toes were complaining.  I was truly amazed at how good I felt.  I swam about 25 yards and realized I could still use my fingers!  Hooray.  I waded there about 10 seconds then did some breaststroke to come back in some.  I got near the dock and went back to freestyle.  Once again, I felt fine.  My breathing was a bit off and I was doing the 2 stroke pattern but I felt fine.  I got out and felt amazing.  My body was fine and only my hands were really uncomfortable but that is expected.
I showed Josh and Gords where I swam to and they both agree I did a total of about 100 yards.  I normally don't bother adding the swims I do in the GSL for the WFPBC in my swim log online but today I did!  Next time I'm going to try and make it to the end of the marina and back like Gords does each week.  The entire drive home I kept thinking about how little the cold bothered me and I really am seriously considering increasing my distance and time regularly to see just how far I can go.  Maybe Ram of the International Ice Swimmers Assoc is right, it is mainly mental.  Once I get that toughened up, I just might be able to do a mile in 41 degree or under water.  I can't wait to find out.

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