Saturday, January 28, 2012


The swim gods had it in for me today.
I got up at 0645 and was at the pool at 0700.  Patricia has work soon so my swim was going to be short anyway.  I was getting ready when I noticed the pool looked funny.  I got in and started swimming, it was CLOUDY...yuck.  Not normally a big deal but it just is nasty sometimes.
I got to about 100 and adjusted my snapped in half.  Do I have a backup pair...of course not!
I did have my humongo tri goggles.  I put them on but it felt like a brick was on my face.  I don't notice them or care in the GSL because I have about 2000 other messages being sent to my brain at the same time and "my goggles are big" does not take priority!  My stroke soon went to hell and I could not focus on anything.  I got to the end and did some drill work against the wall for 10 minutes then swam some more.
I got to about 500 and this sweeping feeling came over me to just go.  I'm not counting this as me quitting before I should have.  I felt no guilt at ALL when I got out.  It just wasn't meant to be today.
I'm going to put together all the sets of goggles I have this weekend so I'll be better prepared.

500 today....LOL

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