Friday, January 20, 2012


Headed to the GSL after work today.  Gords and Josh could not make it but Jim said he might be there.  I sat in the parking lot near the dock when he pulled up.  OK, let's go!
Put our gear at the end of the ramp and stripped down.  I turned around and Jim was already in the water.  I was adjusting my new humongous goggles under my cap.  I was pleased that I showed no hesistation this week or even any worry.  I just walked straight into the water and took off.  I kept my head up for awhile then once my body adjusted, which took about 20 seconds, I turned around at the end of the dock and put my face in.  NO SEVERE PAIN!!  I even did some legit freestyle with my face in the water.  My brow got a bit chily and uncomfortable but nowhere near the agonizing pain that I get between my eyes usually.  I'm going to have to test this some more before I start adding some real yards to these swims. 
Both Jim and I were in for abuot 3 minutes.  Felt great.  We stood there chatting after we got out and I was happy that even though my hands and feet were cold, I had pretty good function of them.  Normally it takes awhile longer for them to "thaw"
If I hadn't already dried off, I was half tempted to get back in.

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