Friday, January 27, 2012


Good workout today.  Kim is on a small vacation with her family so I had to swim solo today.  I did my swim but it wasn't the same without my training buddy to push me along.
Did a set of 100's then 200's then 400's then one 800.  Some pulls were in different sets but that was not as fun because my stinking straps broke on the first 100!  I want new paddles anyway!
Each set was on a timed basis and I made all my times.  A few of the times I was REALLY pushing it and was surprised at how well I did.  I'm definitely making some progress and I'm noticing already how I feel in the water.  Marcia's workouts are doing me some real good.  I'm also really focusing on my stroke lately.  I am constantly thinking about dropping my wrist before my elbow.  I will sacrifice time to correct the action if I notice I'm dropping my elbow before my wrist. 

4000 today

I did some math yesterday (I know, I was shocked too!) and I'm well on pace to hit 500 miles this year.  With what I've done so far and what I have left to swim with the time I have left to do it, it comes to this.
3 times a week I need to average 6000 per workout
4 times a week I need to average 4800 per workout
5 times a week I need to average 3900
6 times a week I need to average 2800
I'm doing about 4 days a week for now but at the end of Feb or maybe even sooner, I plan on doing a minimum of 5.  Once spring is here and the GSL is near 60, I'll be doing 6 a week.  That means I'll need to average only 1.6 miles a day...LOL that's EASY!
I know holidays and things come up but I really feel good about making my goal.  I also know that I'll be doing a LOT of swims that will put me well ahead of my goal.  Most of my summer swims, the MINIMUM I'll do is 3 miles a day.
This is going to be a great year!

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