Thursday, January 5, 2012


Met with Gords and Josh at the GSL today just before 1700.  It was BEAUTIFUL today and when the sun started to set, it made it even more amazing to look at.  Some duck hunters were there loading up their boat and they couldn't stop asking Gords and me if we were REALLY going into "that" water.  lol
It was a bit colder from last week.  It had dropped to either 36 or 35 depending on who's thermometer you read.
I got ran in, dove under, splashed around then got out.  When I got out, I actually wished I had stayed in longer.  All of us agreed that the really painful part of getting in and hyperventilating has gone considerably down recently.  We are definitely adjusting.  It isn't comfortable yet but the cold shock is nowhere near as bad.

Didn't realize how sweet my beard looks! 

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