Friday, May 31, 2013


 Went to the GSL marina today at 1700.  Got there a bit early and Gords gave me my new custom designed Speedo.  The design looks great.  Today out there was Gords, Josh, Sue, Chad, Stacey, and me.  Howard Berkes from NPR was there and wanted to do an interview about our swim group.  He asked some really good questions and we all took turns answering him.  Every time the mic was in front of me, the main thoughts I had were, "Don't sound like a jackass" and "Make the club sound good".  By far, the BEST line came from Gords when he said that people that live around the GSL that spread bad rumors and people that won't even come here to swim are just ignorant.  I had to suppress a laugh.  It's very true but it's just funny hearing Gordon be so blunt.
I thought the interview went well and I'm really hoping it goes national soon and does a lot to promote our group and encourages people to come out.
We all headed down to the boat ramp and started getting in.   Howard kept talking to me as I was getting in.  He asked about my scars and when I told him it was from surgery for cancer, I could tell I had opened up an interesting topic to him.  I took off and did a shorter loop with Josh.  It felt great to be in the water even though it felt pretty warm.   I just kept focusing on my stroke and going to the buoy that runs juxtapose to the  marina.  When I got to the other end of the buoy, Josh and I decided to head in on the other side.   We finished our swim and as we were rinsing off, Howard talked to us some more.  After he chatted with us for about 20 minutes, I challenged him to try the water.  He took me on my "dare" and went to the dock next to the boat ramp.  he recorded himself as he leaned down, took a handful of GSL water, put it in his mouth, rinsed it around, spit it out, then proceeded to holler about how awful the water was.  He turned to Josh and me and asked, "THIS is the water that constantly goes into your mouth"?  lol  He appreciated what we do now and will be able to give a more accurate description and appreciation for us and what we do.  BINGO!
Josh and I just laughed.
It was another great day on the lake.

.6 miles OW

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