Saturday, May 11, 2013


Met with Gords, Jim, Etsuko, and Stacey at GSL marina at 1200.  I was pretty excited about the swim today.  Today I was going to really see what I can do and where I stand as far as my physical condition/stamina is.  Stacey, Jim, and I all were behind Gordon as he took off for a longer swim.  I just wanted to clear the marina and do some "laps" between the buoys right outside the opening.  There was a LOT of boat traffic today.  Normally the GSL's boat traffic is non existent and MAYBE you'll see one boat way off in the distance once a month.  Spring fever is hit and there were boats all over the place.  I'm glad I decided to stay close.  I had my SSD with me just for visibility. 
Got to the red buoy and Jim kept heading out.  Stacey stayed with me and swam with me as I did my laps.  I swam to the green buoy then rested.  Back and forth resting a good amount each time.  I felt pretty good.  One one trip back I put some effort into my stroke.  My arms were not happy about that.  The rest of me felt okay but it was clear it has been a LONG time since I've been swimming.  The last one I did was going to the green buoy and not stopping.  At the end, my arms were in some decent fatigue and starting to hurt some.  I was pretty tired and decided I have had enough.  I slowly swam back into the marina and then swam the length of the marina to the boat ramp once I knew it was clear of traffic.  Once again, when I stopped, my arms were very tired. 
I'm glad I went but today was a definite reality check/wake-up call as to where my swimming condition is right now.

1/2 mile....I guess!

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