Monday, May 13, 2013


Sue recommended a pool that she said is near where I work.  I checked it out today after I got off.  Holy cow this place is CLOSE to where I work!  Less than 2 miles and barely a 5 minute drive.
The pool is set up for water polo practice most of the time but several lanes are left open all the time for lap swimmers. 
I got in and decided to just see what happens. 
10 x 50 on the1:00
5 x 100 on the 2:00
5 x 100 K with fins
5 x 100 (25 fast, 75 moderate)
The last 100 I ended up doing 50 hard and 50 EASY.  I got :36 which made me LAUGH.  I used to break :30 with minimal effort.  Now I was going full throttle and not even close.  It was for fun.

2000 yards in total.  I felt pretty good for most of the sets.  The kicking hurt at the end.  I am going to start adding some distance sets in soon enough.

The pool was nice and I had my own lane the whole time.  Sue was there when I got out and she told me that it opens at 0500 and there is hardly anyone there in the mornings.  Considering how close this place is to my work, I will most likely get a year pass there and be able to swim from 0500-0700 daily then head to work.  I'll be able to get more yards in per day that way!  :)

Thanks Sue!

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