Friday, May 10, 2013

9May13 - Baby Steps

I got the "all clear" from the nurses at HCH this morning to go back to work Monday.  I also was told that my last incision should be closed enough that I can try a swim.  I was antsy the entire day.  I was mainly curious how my stomach would feel when I tried to swim.
Josh, me, Chad, Sue, Gords
 I met Gords, Josh, Chad, Sue, and Kate down at the marina at 1700.  After chatting a bit, they took off and I slowly got in.  The incision line on my stomach immediately reacted to the cold.  I had to stop and consider whether it was pain or discomfort.  I realized it was just a lot of discomfort....tough crap for me!  GO!  I started swimming heads up breast for awhile.  I then tried a few strokes of free.  I had to adjust my face to the water temp which took longer than I'd like.  I would take a few easy strokes then rest, repeat. 
When I got out to the marina opening, I noticed Kate walking down the rocks to get back into the water.  She joined me and we swam out to the first buoy together.  I was swimming REAL easy and quickly learned that I can't do a full long pull yet.  When I extend my arm before the "catch" it pulls on my stomach too much.  I just had to shorten my stroke by a few inches and that helped.  I felt completely out of whack out there.  My breathing was off, my stroke was a mess, I kept getting confused on where I was, but I was LOVING the fact that I was out there.
When I got to the first buoy, the others were gone and so Kate and I just hung out talking.  The water temp where we were read around 62-63.  It was much colder when you went more vertical.  We just hung out talking for awhile.  Soon Josh and Sue joined us and we just hung out talking more.
Josh and I eventually followed the two ladies in but we swam heads up breast the whole time and chatted our way in.  Extremely easy swim.  I might try for some actual short distances with lots of rest on Saturday but we'll see.
Sue, Kate, me

Kate, me, Josh

I'll give myself 1/4 mile "swam" today.  90% of what I did was mainly wading and talking.  It was just nice to be out there.

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