Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Met up with Gordon this morning at GSL.  2 other swimmers were there.  One was the winner of the 8 mile this past Sat.  The 2nd was a first timer to GSL and openly admitted she is a bit newer to the OW scene.  I decided to split the groups and Gordon went off with the stronger swimmer and I stayed back with Liz to just be safe.  She and I did the buoy route.  She ended up loving the lake.  We stopped at each buoy on the way out and every other on the way back.  Was a pleasant swim even though she goosed me once and clawed me a few other times.  Pool swimmers...gotta love it!
She was done after one buoy route and so I swam back to the boat ramp with her.  Took a feed then she headed home.  I wanted more so I did a Gridley Straight.  Water was warm and I doubt I'll get too many more swims in for this half of the year.
I swam solid on the way to Blackrock and focused on my stroke.  I felt good.  Real good.  After turning around, I decided to push it.  If I crash, so what.  I swam strong and felt strong.  I kept pushing myself every few hundred strokes to pick it up even more.  I was really cranking it out about 400 yards from the marina entrance buoy.  Still felt good.  Hit the buoy and swam the rest of the way nice and easy.
Was a GREAT swim.

3.65 miles OW

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