Thursday, June 19, 2014


Everyone dropped out on me yesterday to go to Jordanelle.  I woke up and saw it was below freezing outside where Jordanelle is.  Decided that even though I would be fine IN the water, the air OUT of the water might freeze me.  I thought better than to do a sub freezing weather swim solo.  Decided to do a longer swim the next day.
That brings us to today...
Went to KEARNS

500 K
500 Pull
1000 snorkel
10 x 50 build
500 free
10 (50 back/breast then 100 free)
ladders by 100 up to 500 repeat back down.  First half was with snorkel and pull.  2nd half was free.
500 K
10 x 200 NS
300 easy mixing in w/e I wanted
600 snorkel
100 easy

I brought treats for myself and they wall seemed to work well.  Got sore at certain points but I had some pain pill that did the trick.  My speed went down some at the end but my stroke held up great the whole way.  My triceps and sides were REALLY sore when I was finishing.  I did the "blind" drill constantly through the workout where I would swim a certain stroke count with my eyes closed.  I was still swimming pretty much straight even at the very end.  Made me happy.

13,000 LCM 

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