Thursday, June 12, 2014

12Jun14 - Back to MY reservoir

Picked up Lizbee Lu this morning and we headed up to Pineview.  It was great seeing PV again.  I realized I actually missed it once I got in.  I wanted to do the Goody loop so Liz was game.  We headed to the orange buoy line before the dam.  They must have moved it a bit closer than it was last year.  Round trip last year was 2 miles.  When we got back, it was 1.87.  I just simply can NOT settle for that.  Headed back out and swam a bit more to push over 2 miles.
Liz seemed to be having a good time.  The water was 67 so I was happy.  Still too warm.  Only took me 3 strokes and I was adjusted.  Had a good swim overall.  I did a lot of thinking about my training today while I was swimming.  I have healed enough from the car crash and my chiro has said I'm progressing well in most of my body.  I'm going to crank up my mileage starting next week.  I really want to do Bear Lake and so I better get into doing 20+ miles per week again.  This means longer swims M,W,F and pool workouts T and Th.  I will go for really long swims on Sat.  This is at least the plan.

2 miles OW...This swim put me at 200 miles for the year so far.  23 miles behind pace but I'll make it up soon enough.


  1. It’s always great to hear good results from your chiropractor. This only means that you’re getting closer to achieving a complete recovery. That must be a huge relief. Just continue to rest for now, and don't engage in any heavy activities until you're fully recovered. Stay strong!

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  2. Not to sound rude but who are you? How did you find this obscure swim blog I have?