Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Wanted to get 4 laps in today.  Woke up at 0430 and was at the lake and ready to get in by 0530.  The sun was just rising enough that I could see some of the buoys.  I did one lap solo then as I was coming in for a feed, Liz was ready to get in.
Did 2 laps with her then she was done.  I did one more solo.  I felt pretty good the entire swim.  Never really pushed it but I held a steady pace the whole swim.  I am glad I did 4 laps. 
Was really psyched that Liz did 2 laps.  She is still relatively new to OW and already she is up to 3 miles.  Her fear or OW is dying quickly and she is getting better at not running me over so much!  :)
LOVE seeing new swimmers progress like this.  Way to go Liz!

6 miles OW

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