Wednesday, July 2, 2014


At JN this morning and was in the water by 0520.  I was not really motivated this morning and had already mentally resigned to being happy if I only did 2 laps.  It normally takes me about a mile to warm up.  Today I finished my first lap (1.5 miles) and I wasn't feeling any better.  Liz arrived and I told her I wasn't feeling up to doing 3 today.  My triceps and sides just flat out hurt.  Each pull I felt a twing of tiny pain.  I guess I pushed it a bit too much on that pull set yesterday.  Once we got to the first turn around, I started to feel a bit better.  Muscles finally warmed up and I started to pull better.  I shortened my stroke slightly but increased my rotation.  I started swimming a LOT faster.  I felt much better and was on a good fast cruise speed for the rest of the lap.  Even Liz noticed how fast I was going.  She was done with one but I felt good enough to do one more.  Finished my feeds and headed back out.  I kept the quick stroke count going.  Not sure how my speed was but I felt pretty good.  When I was on the home stretch, I got a bit tired out.  I was hungry and my arms started to ache.  I needed some Vitamin I!  I eased back and did technique work for the last 1/4 mile.  I'm going to start ramping it up with this faster rotation and see how it goes. 

4.55 miles OW

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