Thursday, July 31, 2014


Interesting day today.  Air was cold this morning when I got in.  I found myself ducking under the water every 20 strokes to warm my back for the first half of the first lap.  Felt pretty good after the first lap and noticed clouds way out in the distance when I started my second lap.  On the second half of the second lap, it got cloudy and the chop increased a little.  Wind was pushing the current west.  I made my last feed as quick as I could.  I purposely swam with the current for the first small part of the 3rd lap so I would have to swim against the current and chop for the long stretch.  Good choice.  It was choppy and forcing me to focus on my stroke and pull strong.  I felt great.  I really picked it up and my energy held.  I got to the last turn around, floated on my back for 10 seconds simulating a feed then headed back.  I was CRUISING and wanted to keep it going.  Just when I was about to finish, I barely caught sight of someone swimming toward me.  I really mean I BARELY saw her.  She had on a black wetsuit, dark hand paddles, and .....a BLACK CAP!  I stopped to chat with her and I noticed she was wearing sandals.  I honestly tried not to laugh.  I was able to steer the conversation to my SSD and being VISIBLE to everyone.  I think she understood the concept.  I just could not believe someone would wear essentially all black for an open water swim. 
Finished my swim and now only have one more day of this hard week left!
Last day of July and this month I racked up 70 miles!  Fantastic month for me!!!  I also am 8th in the nation in my age group for distance swam this year.  Very close to the next few above me so we shall see if I overtake them.  I know the one above me is watching me like a hawk!

4.5 miles OW

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