Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Rain this morning and lots of it.  When I pulled into JN parking lot, it was pouring.  I actually wondered if anyone would show up.  Josh and Lisa soon showed up. I made my way down to the ramp and stood waist deep in the pouring rain and waited for them to come down.  It was actually kinda fun.  It was so foggy and rainy that the buoys could hardly be seen.
They only did one lap and I stayed to do 2 more.  Rain had stopped by the end of the first lap.  They both left and I started lap 2.  I passed a buoy and decided to swim "natural" for the next 2 laps.  No one is around and so it seemed safe.  As soon as I was far enough away from my suit, sure enough, here comes a boat!  They were pretty far away but the coincidence did make me laugh.  Finished my 2nd lap and made a quick feed eating and drinking while on my back.  Lap 3 seemed to go by quick.  My mind was active and the time just flew by.
Finished my 3 laps and was glad to be done.  I did not feel good today.  I felt like complete garbage my first lap.  Arms were slow, I was sleepy, unmotivated, and plain tired.  I just wanted to go home.  At a buzz bite then one swiss cake roll.  Wanted to make sure I can still handle these.  This helped the 2nd lap and I started swimming a bit better.  At the 2nd roll before 3rd lap.  This one stuck with me a bit.  I'll make sure to only eat one per "treat" on my swim.
I was glad I stuck it out to do 3 laps = 4.5 miles but was glad it was over.  Not my day today. 
I did remember to get my suit on the way in!

On a GREAT note...I passed 300 miles today for the year.  I'm rocking out the miles and happy with my progress this year.

4.5 miles OW

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