Monday, July 28, 2014


GREAT swim today.
Alarm went off at 0245!  Yikes this is early.  Needed to get gas, then drive an hour to meet others at Pineview.  Around 0415, Sarah, Gordon, and Chad arrived.  We all wanted and were eager to do an night swim.  Gords wasn't feeling up to swimming so he brought his kayak.  We all were in by 0445 and swimming.  We did the long buoy route first.  Chad had to get out and head to work after that.  Sarah stayed and 2 other women joined us.  Gordon knows them and they are newer to the OW scene.  Gordon paddled next to the one that was very nervous about swimming and Sarah stayed with her too.  I swam with Emily to do a regular buoy route.  We stopped every buoy on the way out.  The farther she went, the more confident she became.  Hit the turnaround and swam the whole way back without her stopping.  It was easy going but she was steady.  Finished the mile and she felt great.  I could see it on her face that she was really proud of what she had just done.  LOVE moments like this!
Helped Gords with his kayak then headed back down for another mile solo.  Everyone was now gone but I still was not done.  Did another cigarette buoy route   My arms were cold again from the last mile so I just let my mind wonder a bit. 
Finished the last mile and was done.  My quota this week is 4.5 per day.

It was really good seeing Chad and Sarah this morning and swimming with them.  Another beautiful sunrise swim at PV!

4.5 miles OW

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