Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Bad weather last night and predicted this morning so I went to the KEARNS pool.  No idea why but I did not hear my alarm and woke up on my own right after 0500.  I was supposed to get up at 0430 but oh well. 
Got to the pool and was ready to get going.  Glad it was raining and nasty out to justify my decision to ditch JN!
1000 WU
12 (50 kick then 50 swim then 50 build)
100 kick
100 fast pace
1000 pull with snorkel
Ladders by 100 up to 500 then repeat back down
500 with snorkel and pull
500 snorkel
100 CD

For some reason, I screwed up my math and thought I needed to do 8100 to hit my daily quota of 4.5 miles.  I ended up doing 8100 LCM which put me at 5 miles.  I was 1/2 mile over, but it's better than 1/2 mile under!
Tested out buzz bites a bit more and no problems.  I need to test out a few more foods to make sure they are still good with me.

8100 LCM

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