Monday, July 7, 2014


Met Gords at PV today at 0530.  Haven't seen him in awhile and it was nice to meet up with a good friend for a swim.  I planned on being there for awhile and he only had time for one loop.  Out of curiosity, I wore his swimmerbuddy instead of my SSD.  I'll admit that I actually like it quite a bit.  I'm seriously thinking about getting one now.  I did my traditional buoy lap and Gords wanted to stick to the outer edges and do a longer loop.  I finished my lap and Gords was still really far away.  I swam a bit more to kill some time.  He came in and I needed my keys to get some more grease on me.  I was pretty impressed with the swimmerbuddy and Gords offered to let me borrow his.  I declined but have been doubting that decision ever since. 
I did another buoy lap but this time I turned my GPS on.  When I finished, it read 1.8.  That is about right.  I decided to do the longer loop for my last one.  Gords said he thought it was just under 2 miles.  Boy was he wrong!  LOL  I finished the longer loop knowing there was no way I just swam barely 2 miles.  Final distance on my GPS read 4.32 which means the loop was 2.5 miles!  Just a bit off...
With my 1.8 added to that and the extra I swam, I know I did over 6.3 miles.  I'll round down to say 6.3 only.  Rather sell myself short on distance than put a longer distance down I did not do.
I felt great when I was done.  Time moved by quick enough and my arms felt good for the whole swim.  Easy day tomorrow then another 6 miles for Wed.
Thanks for joining me Gordon.  It was good seeing you.

6.3 miles OW

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