Friday, August 1, 2014


Bad day today.  Patricia is not feeling very well and me being the loving, caring, and worried husband I am about her health, I did not sleep much last night....OR maybe it was because she coughed THE ENTIRE NIGHT that kept me up....
When my alarm went off, I really was not eager to get out of bed.  Forced myself out and downstairs.  I got a buzz bite because I needed to make sure I would arrive at the lake awake/alive!
I decided to do my first lap nice and slow.  I went really slow and the lap seemed to take FOREVER.  All I could think about was going home and back to bed.  My body was still in wake up mode but my mind was definitely in sleep mode. 
Finished my first lap and took a bite and some gatorade.  My normal energy powder is out until more comes this week.  It did NOTHING!  I started my second lap and just plodded along.  I tried to pick it up but it was fruitless.
On my way back, I ran into Lisa with a few others she was introducing to OW swimming.  I chatted for only a bit but really wanted to finish so I could go home.  My thoughts soon turned to McDonald's breakfast sausage, egg, and cheese McGriddle! 
Finished the second lap and it would have been pointless, stupid, and unsafe to do a 3rd.  I was glad with 2.  This puts me at 21.53 miles for the week.  Great week of distance.  I taper down now. 

3 miles OW

btw, I stopped and got the McGriddle!

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