Saturday, August 9, 2014

9Aug14 - 5K

Arrived at Steiner again at 0545 but this time I was timing Josh first. 
Josh did his 5k and looked good through the whole thing.

The minute he finished I was ready and got in.  Did a 300 WU and was ready.  I had been stretching a bit and felt okay.

I decided to forget about how I did yesterday and focus on stroke count per 50. 
Josh started counting for me then immediately after I started, Gordon arrived and took over.  It is nice having your swim friends there to help you along. 
If I do around 50 strokes per 50 LCM then it's good. 

1000 - 16:59
2000 - 34:41
3000 - 53:03
4000 - 1.11:54
5000 - 1.30:30

200 CD

My goal was to go under 1.30 but oh well.  Just missed it.  Each time I tried to pick it up the last 2k, I could my legs tighten up from all the flip turns yesterday.  I tried to push it with 500 left but could feel puke rising up so I had to back down. 
I focused on my stroke and keeping smooth as much as I could.  I could feel myself wearing out with about 1000 left so I asked Gordon to walk the deck with me more to keep me motivated. 

Overall I felt good about today...better than yesterday at least! 

Thank you Josh and Gordon for helping me out and cheering me on.  I'm seriously grateful to have friends like you.
On a side note, my crew for my Bear Lake swim seems to be set!  Next week I only need to swim around 5 miles.  NICE!!!

5000 LCM total

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