Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Met with Josh, Lisa, and an out of towner at JN this morning.  Beautiful day and the lake felt great.  Did 2 laps.  The 3 are faster than me so I didn't stay with them long.  During the second lap, I was making my way back west and noticed Josh and Lisa one buoy behind me heading east.  I told myself to pick it up some.  I wanted to make the 3/4 mile and not have them catch me.  I got to the red buoy and turned around to see them close behind.  I picked it up even more.  I got to the last buoy pretty wiped out and proud they never caught me.  Looked behind to see they were GONE!  LOL  I was hauling butt for nothing.  Made me laugh pretty good.

3 miles OW

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