Saturday, August 9, 2014

8Aug14 - 10k

Went to Steiner pool at 0545 and started setting up my stuff at the outdoor 50 LCM pool.  As soon as 0600 hit and we could get in, I started warming up.
800 snorkel then Jed arrived.  Jed is my father in law. 
Gave him instructions and off I went.  I was to stop every 2000 meters for a feed.

I started off at a decent pace and the sun was still low.  I drank a TON of fluids the night before and even had to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  I just focused on doing good pulls and not letting my mind wander too much.

Josh was there and swam with me some.  He would cheer for me and even made some funny faces at me while I swam over him.  It helped cheer me up a bit.  I wasn't feeling that great as the sun started to rise.

2000 - 36:44
4000 - 1.17:48
6000 - 1.56:31
8000 - 2.36:18
10,000 - 3.16:40

I was averaging around 1:55 for each 100.  As the sun rose, it took a toll on me.  The higher the sun got, the slower I became.  I could feel the heat on me.  I drank like crazy during feeds and even drank another extra bottle of only water.  I did not once have the sensation to pee as I should have.  I was dehydrating fast and I could feel it.  I got to around 2 min per lap then even slower my last 2000.  The water was hot, the sun was hot, and I was HOT.  The last 2500 I was hating being in the pool and knew I was doing bad.  I did not care and just wanted to finish this 10k.

Was glad when I finished.  Did 200 EASY to cooldown.

I was worried because I took Jed out to breakfast after as a thank you for counting for me.  I drank 2 large waters and a large OJ.  Still had no sensation to urinate.  Arrived home and drank an empty X-Large Slurpee cup of water...nothing.  I was starting to wonder if something was seriously wrong.  I felt okay and went to take a shower.  I finally was able to urinate and this was a huge mental relief for me.  I didn't realize exactly how dehydrated I was.  Made sure to drink tons of water the rest of the day.

12,000 LCM

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