Thursday, February 9, 2012


After my swim on Monday, I started feeling pretty junky.  I went to bed early that night and woke up with a pretty good head cold.  It only got worse as the day went on.  I did not even consider for one second getting up early to swim on Wednesday morning.  I started feeling a little better with all the OTC drugs in me and rest I was taking (Going to bed at 7!) but didn't want to push it.
I am still a bit sick but felt about 90% so I figured I would head out to GSL and meet my friends.  The water temp read about 41 degrees.  In my mind I was constantly thinking, "hot water, hot water".  It did the trick.
I call Gordon "Napoleon" every week.  If you can take your eyes off his ass for one second, you'll see why. 

  We all got in and I just kept on going.  It took my usual minute for the adjustment so I could put my face in but once I did, I felt GREAT.  I swam to the end of the marina but not to the opening like Josh and Gords did.  It was still a personal best for me.  The measurement that has been taken a few times by Gords to the spot I went to was 250 yards.  All 4 of us grouped up coming back and we got a GREAT picture by Gordon's wife.

When I got out, I felt fantastic as usual.  I had full use of my fingers (pretty much) and I warmed up really quick.
Joshs' boy Harrison put his foot in a few times so he earned a spot with us in the photo.  Good job little man

I think I"m going to try to do more next week depending on water temp.  If it's 41 again or warmer, I'm doing more for sure.

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