Thursday, February 16, 2012


Another week at the GSL for our weekly polar swim.  The water temp was around 45 so it is only getting warmer.  I'm a bit disappointed that it didn't stay cold longer but oh well.  There were some other guys there after I pulled up and they wanted to watch Josh, Jim and me do our swim.
The wind chill was pretty cold so once we got ready, I was glad to get in.  I got acclimated pretty quick and had no hesitation to swim to the marina opening.  Josh was hanging out a bit and I asked how he was doing.  He said he felt pretty good.  He was REALLY red and I'm sure I was too.  My toes were numb and my fingers hurt but I could still flex my hand.  I looked out and saw the red buoy outside the marina and wanted to go for it.  I just nodded my head to Josh and he had a small look of hesitancy but once I turned my body and it looked like I was committed, Josh gave in and went with me. 
It felt good to be in the Salt Lake in not just the marina.  I enjoyed my view from the water once I touched the buoy.  We headed back in and Jim was right behind us once we were inside the marina.
Josh and I finished together under 13 minutes and Jim was just over 15.
Recovery this week was tough.  I don't remember it being so bad but I shook longer than normal and they were a bit more violent than usual.
I'm glad I did it though but this only raises the bar for me....again!

around 700 yards today in 45 degree water

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