Monday, February 27, 2012


Good swim today.  Did a long warmup then some kicking sets. 
The tough part of the workout was having to do 10 x 100's on a specific time.  I was holding about 1:15 per 100 which I was happy with.  I was really struggling to breathe and keep a fast pace on the last 2.  Made it though then had another medium set of pulls.  I don't know why but I'm SO freaking slow when it comes to pull sets.  I go about 10 seconds slower per 50.  I'm so focused on keeping the buoy between my ankles, proper stroke, and other things that I just slow down.  Kind of annoying but oh well.

Workout today was 4k.  I love how I look at anything under 1000 for warmup as a "short" warmup and any swim at or under 4000 as a short workout.
Last week I logged 25,550 yards.  That is 10k short of the needed 35,000 per week average while being ready for Catalina.  I'm 10k under and 4 months to get there. I'm way ahead of schedule and things are looking and feeling great.  I know I'll be able to gradually add 10k more per week and it not be a problem.
In short, my training is going GREAT!

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