Saturday, February 11, 2012

11Feb12 - SWIMFEST

Another holiday swimfest.  All met at the pool around 9:30.  I was a bit late but got my cool new cap and jumped right in. After a 150 "warmup", I then did 2 x 200 IM then 150 easy then we did some relays.  They were really fun.  One we had to change shirts at the end of the pool to our next relay partner.  With an enormous wet shirt, it gets tough.
Rachael is awesome!

The next one was stacking kickboards on top of each other as the swimmers progressed.  The last one was a 50 sprint relay then you had to get out and eat a Saltine cracker and whistle to start the next person.
Our team had a "secret" strategy to help us be able to whistle each time.

There was one more event where we had to race cars underwater but it was more for fun.  I went first and I made the whole length of the pool while pushing a matchbox car along the bottom.  The whizzing sound kept cracking me up.
Easy fun day and lots of laughs.

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