Saturday, February 4, 2012


OK, some lessons you only need to learn once.  Don't lick your finger and stick it in an electric socket or never fry bacon while naked.  These things are learned once and that's good enough.
Some lessons apparently I need to learn twice.  I woke up with my 1 year old on my back to see that it was 0724.  I was supposed to be swimming at 0700.  Now I'm grumpy and late for my swim.
I got to the pool and Kim was already past 2000.  I felt guilty for being late.  I got in and did my first set maintaining a :45 per lap pace.  Nice and easy.  The pool was REALLY hot thing morning and the air was thick too.  By the time I got halfway through my 2nd 1000, I started to slow down.  I could feel my energy depleting.  My average time dropped and I soon was low on energy.  After about 3000, I got mad enough to get out of the pool and lift the huge "garage doors" that line the pool wall.  It let in freezing air but no one swimming seemed to care.  That lasted until the "cocoon" class showed up and 2 Geri's sprinted over to the door to close it.
I finished my workout but next week I HAVE to get up at 0500 and eat and be READY to swim at 0700 instead of going at it with an empty stomach.  I can do fine during the week but no fuel before long swims is definitely bad for me.

6 x 1000 today

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