Saturday, February 25, 2012


I feel freaking fantastic.  I'm glad I swam yesterday despite how I felt.  Got up at 0600 and got some breakfast, rested a bit and was at the pool ready to go when they opened at 0700.
On the way to the pool, I swung by the post office and mailed in my contract and deposit check for the Outrider boat that will escort me across Catalina.  
Today's workout was a pace day.  I had long sets holding a specific pace per 100.  The first set I did was the longest and each one got a little bit shorter.  I was able to hold pace pretty easy for the first hour then when the 2nd hour started, I had to really focus on my stroke to keep my pace on time.  On one set, I nearly had to sprint the last 50 to make it on time.  I'm happy to say that I made every single time and held my pace exactly how I should have.  Some parts were really tough but I stuck it out and pushed myself to keep going and not to fall behind on time.
When I got done, I just was hungry for more and threw on another 1300 to finish today at 7000.  I left the pool feeling proud of myself, happy I did 7k, and most important, I was hungry for more!  I can't wait till Monday!
It's days like today where I'm REALLY focused and I'm swimming great that makes me remember why I love swimming so much and why I'm training the way I do.  I feel a new sense of importance with my swims now and I'm showing it.  I seriously want to head back to the pool right now and do another 5000!

7000 today


  1. Nice job! What was the difference today? Breakfast? More sleep?

    After Monday's swim, I have slacked off the rest of the week and only made it to the pool one more time. I'm looking forward to getting back into it on Monday morning.

  2. Difference was I got a good night sleep. I was up early enough to eat something too.
    You gotta keep at it with the pool Josh. I'm over 25k this week.