Monday, February 6, 2012


So last night I had my annual Superbowl party.  Lots of family came and there was a LOT of food.  Problem is that most people in my wife's family bring good food.  I ate a lot of different food for several hours while watching the game.  It's great when eating it but when in your stomach, sometimes one food just doesn't play nice with the other food that is there.  A war broke out apparently and I went to bed with an upset stomach.
When I got up this morning my stomach was having a "liquidation sale" and "everything must go".  I had to get out of the pool many times to run to the bathroom.  My stomach was in a knot for almost all of my workout.  I was focused more on my belly than my swimming today.  It took a lot not to just call it and try again another time.  Plus every time I stopped, Kim would look at me, change her look to her "mother face" and ask me gently, "Are you ok?".....NO!
I did a workout I did like and ended up with 4000 despite how I felt.  I was able to hold a comfortable :45 per lap on each 200 I did.  I just really did not feel good this morning and work today should be fun too!


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