Saturday, February 18, 2012

18Feb12 - QUAC meet

Today was a fantastic day.  I went to the QUAC meet in Salt Lake City and met up with Josh, Gords, and Chad.  We were our own little "team" and Josh, Gords, and I were representing the WFPBC.  I had signed up for the 50, 100 and 500 free along with some relays.  First event was the 200 free relay.  We won the event and this started things off on a great note.  Next for me was the 50 free.  I got to the blocks and noticed the lane next to me was open.  This was Gords lane.  I look up and see him in the stand fully dressed chatting away.  I start screaming at him and waving but by the time he sees me it's too late.  I hit 27 seconds and change and was happy.
The 2nd relay was then coming up of 200 IM.  I did the fly.  We got 2nd and my wife filmed the event and I was surprised to see my fly looking as good as it did considering I NEVER do it anymore!
The next event was the 500.  I started out way to fast and was having a tough time with my breathing.  My stroke sucked, I wasn't focused enough, didn't follow through as much as I should and etc.  I got done and was AMAZED that I hit 6:53.  I was hoping for anything near 7:00-7:15 but I was completely shocked.  It made me grin non stop for a long time.
I was pretty toasted from the 500 so when the 100 free came up, I didn't really care.  I paced with the woman next to me for about 40 yards then really pushed it the 2nd lap.  I got 1:02 which I'm happy with considering I could tell I was tired still from the 500.
Last event was a "Martini relay" where you had to hold a martini glass with a rubber ball in it and do a 200 relay.  I kept laughing the whole time I was doing it.  We got 2nd on that one too.
The atmosphere was just great.  People were there to try and compete but it was to be more for fun.  I had a LOT of fun and will probably be going back next year.
2050 today

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