Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today during lunch I drove to the Post Office and mailed off my packet to the CCSF.  I've now completed all the paperwork, medical exams, and written enough checks (for now at least) for this swim.  I now just have to train!  Rather, keep up my training.  Been 2 weeks since I mentally committed to this swim and my excitement hasn't subsided yet!
I did have some odd questions on one form though.  They basically asked how often I planned on peeing and if I had trouble with doing this.  LOL
I also had a paper asking about my crew and experience they have and with me etc etc.  I didn't feel like writing it all down so I typed up a paper to send along with my packet.  As I was writing about who my swim friends are and how we train together, how much I trust them, and what we do together, I felt a sense of great joy.  I really am grateful to my swim friends. 
I'm grateful for Gords and Josh who I know will help me while I train.  We are all eager to take in some long swims day and night to help each other out for all 3 of our big swims we have planned this year.
I'm grateful for Kim who meets me for all my workouts and I have a swim buddy to help train with.
I'm most grateful for my wife.  She has to hear the alarm go off at 4 AM and I know it bugs her.  She also helps out with the house and kids when I can't get a morning swim in and I end up doing it after work and that means she is with the kids all day and night while I'm doing what I need to do after work to train.  She also sacrifices her Saturday mornings by letting me go to the pool as long as I need.  It takes a LOT of sacrifice to do something like this.  Time, money, friends, and family all take a hit when you need to spend so much time swimming to be prepared.  It's just nice knowing she is supporting me.  Not just for this swim but for all the other swims I have done, will do this year, and have planned in the future.  Thanks Patricia!

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