Monday, January 27, 2014


Not such a great day today
WU was 5 x 200 - 1,3,5 swim 2 drill 4 kick
5 x 200 on the 3:30
5 x 200 on the 3:15 - started to get REALLY tired during this set and energy started to tank.  I rested a good amount yesterday but I guess I did not sleep well or not 100% recovered from my swim Sat.  Either way,  I stopped caring about my time and just focused on my stroke.
100 easy - 25 of it was fly
7 x 100 pull
200 easy - 25 was fly

During my pull set, I saw something that usually I might get a smile out of but today I was chocking on water due to laughter.  I guy 2 lanes over got lost...and I mean LOST during his flip turn.  He was upside down and started looking everywhere and kicking his legs to find the wall.  It has happened to all of us but I found it hilarious today and couldn't stop laughing for at least 4 minutes.  He never saw me laughing but this is a definite indicator that I was tired.  I get giggly when I'm tired.
Got my distance in today but that is pretty much it.

4000 SCY

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