Saturday, January 11, 2014


1 Hour Postal Swim today.

Picked up Josh and headed to Kearns.  My goal was to do over 3000.  This should be really easy to do but I was aiming low in case I crashed again.
No real warmup.  I just got in and went.  It took about a half hour for me to feel comfortable.  My stroke felt bad the whole time and I was bored for most of it.  Mentally I just was not with it as much as I should have been today. 
Finished it with a distance of 3610.  Not too bad but definitely could have been better.  A few laps I was even going over :50 per lap.  SAD.

I then timed Josh.  He kept a fantastic pace.  He was :41 for the entire swim.  After we got done, we headed to Sonic to get a breakfast burrito.  It was great.

3710 total counting one lap "warmup" and one CD

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