Friday, January 24, 2014


"Rest Day" today.  Alarm went of at 0500 and I laid there for a few seconds trying to motivate myself to get up.  What made it really tough was Patricia rubbed my back and told me to lay back down.  As soon as I considered it, I thought of FLOG and a blank entry for Friday.  NOPE...GET UP!  Need to swim but going to take it down a notch today.
10 x 100 on the 2:00  I was around 1:23 and last 2  I was at 1:19
2 x (300 Fly - broken up by 25's and 50's then 200 kick)
300 with snorkel and only allowed myself to breathe at certain times per 25.  When I really needed air, I would get some but with the snorkel, it was limited.  Made lungs hurt...good.
50 easy
100 strong
50 easy

OK, here is where I am a little pissed.  Where I swim is a BEAUTIFUL facility.  It is extremely clean, the water is clear, and TONS of lanes.  The only and I do mean ONLY problem I have is that the pool is too hot.  They say the maintenance people are trying to "fix" it but so far I've seen nothing.  I took a temp reading today.  It was 85.3.  85!!!  Are you kidding me?  This is supposed to be a competition pool and competition training pool.  That temp is dangerous.  There is another pool where they do water aerobics for seniors and that pool is around 160 degrees.  Fine, they have their own place.  For SWIMMING laps, 85 is not only too hot, it is DANGEROUS!  I could feel warm water being pumped in from my lane.  I will complain daily and start taking pics of my thermometer and show how this is a daily problem.  Do they even realize as massive as that pool is how much it costs to keep it that temp?  They are wasting thousands of dollars per degree that is too high.  PER DEGREE!  Maybe the city would like to know that KEARNS is wasteful with money by keeping the competition pool too hot.  SO pissed at this.  As great as this pool is, you would think they would know better.
Ok, blood pressure decreasing, stepping off soap box, deep breathing....ahhhhhh

Plan on doing a long swim tomorrow

2500 SCY

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