Thursday, January 23, 2014


I was a bit sore from yesterdays workout but forced myself out of bed anyway.  I'm not in the habit yet of waking up at 0430 to go swimming.  It as almost to the point of becoming routine before I had to take a week off.  Now I'm back to struggling when my alarm goes off.
500 swim
100 kick (Todd Frehse arrived so I did his workout with him. I made some modifications of my own for some sets)
400 swim
6 x 50 drill
6 x 100 on the 1:45 (got under 1:23 for all)
200 kick - I used my snorkel
50 swim
200 kick - snorkel
4 x 25 fly
200 - 100 back then 100 free
200 fly
150 easy
10 x 50  I did about 100 of fly mixed in by the 25 but I was getting TIRED.  I felt like a computer when it gives you a warning "System....shutting down...."  I knew I had enough and finished.
It was a good move to get out.  When I was getting dressed, my shoulders were SORE when I was putting my shirt over my head.  Good thing I didn't try to push it.

3500 SCY

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