Friday, January 17, 2014


I dropped my kids off with their cousins last night so they could spend the night and get some family time in.  I have to work today and the girls have no school.  Luckily my brother and sister will be able to watch Eva and MJ all of today.  This means I was completely solo last night and most of today.  This also means..I CAN SWIM!!!!
I just wanted to get into the water and feel it again.  Nothing crazy, no body breaking workout, just get in and feel the water.  It felt great!
Nice and easy workout.
10 x 50 on the :60 - SEE  told you it was easy!
5 x 100 on the 2:00 - Got around 1:21 on each.  last one I got 1:17
Here is where it gets fun.  I spend about 45 min talking to Sylle Estadio on Saturday going over how to swim butterfly for distance rather than time.  Completely different stroke and rotation.  I reviewed what he told me and started to practice the technique to try it out.
VERY relaxing rhythm.  I definitely was going very slow (as he recommended) but I felt good.  I started by doing only doing 25's then moving up to 50's.  I did do a 100.  My arms, legs, and core felt fine...hell, even great.  One thing I did notice that will make or break this...LUNGS!!!  Oh my goodness my lungs felt like they were going burst.  I was going slow but I do spend a decent amount of time under water.  My lungs were FREAKING OUT.  I could feel that "flex" spasm thing they do when I swim hypoxic work.  It hurt.  I quickly realized that if I have any chance of doing a distance fly swim, my lungs are going to have to be bigger and be able to hold more air than ever before.  If I can get my lungs in amazing shape, I think I have a good shot at it.  I felt really good physically when swimming.  Time will tell and I only did up to 100 so my body might tell a different story when I try for my first mile but first priority is lungs.  Without a doubt...LUNGS!
Here is where it gets sexy.  I ended up swimming a total of 700 yards of fly.  Not a typo, 700 yards of butterfly!!!
I then did a 250 with the snorkel then a 50 easy free.

2000 SCY...I'll say it again, 700 of it was fly...oh yeah!!!

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