Thursday, January 2, 2014

1Jan14 - Humble Pie

I will admit that I have been eating a ton of junk the last few days.  I an use the holidays as an excuse but my diet hasn't been really good the past 2 months.  I have taken Nov and Dec off to let my body and brain rest form swimming and get ready for a new year.
I decided to join Sue with the KEARNS Masters for the New Years Day swim.  114 x 50 workout.  Sounded fun.
It was nice to be back and fun to be swimming with friends again.
I got in and was in the :55 lane.  I was going to start each 50 on the :55.  Not too bad.  I must have been too cocky or thinking I was in shape enough to handle this.....WRONG.
10 x 50 free - easy
10 x 50 fly - starting to struggle
10 x 50 back - falling behind
10 x 50 breast - got lapped ( was too far behind to make the time)
10 x 50 free - was ok
1 min rest
10 x 50 kick - had fins on but legs started to cramp after a few.  Had to skip one
10 x 50 pull - right shoulder started to hurt and my stroke COMPLETELY fell apart.  I only made a few of these when I knew it was time to be done.  I could push it but I might injure myself.  1st day back in 2 months, lets not be dumb.
There was more to the workout but I was DONE.
I figure I did at least 3000 so I'm comfortable saying 3k.  Not bad for my first day back.  I was able to skip breakfast this morning because my stomach was so full from humble pie.
It was fun being back but a reality check that I'm back at the beginning again.

3000 SCY

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